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Birtinya PoolConcept Pools – FAQ’s

Q: What are your opening hours?

A: 8.30am – 4.30pm Mon – Fri

9 am – 12 noon Saturday

Bells Creek PoolQ: Why is my pool green?

A: Lack of chlorine, and/or lack of circulation. The correct amount of chlorine stabilizer (cyanuric acid/sunscreen) must be used.

    Causes of low chlorine

  • Chlorine Pools – must have the correct amount of chlorine added daily.
  • Saltwater pools – Insufficient salt, chlorinator needs cleaning.
  • Insufficient running hours
  • Chlorinator not working

Pools on the Sunshine CoastQ: How do I work out how many litres are in my pool?

A: Multiply the longest point (in meters) by the widest point, then by the average depth, and multiply by 1000.

Q: How do I empty water from my pool?

A: You must siphon the water out with either vacuum hose or garden hose.  Don’t use the backwash on your sand filter as this could cause damage to it.

Q: How much is evaporation rate per week?

A: Evaporation is approx 20 – 40mm per week, depending on how hot, wet or windy it is.

Q: I have bugs in my pool, how do I get rid of them?

A: After heavy rain we sometimes get plagues of bugs, which last around 3 – 4 weeks.  The only solution for this is a Lo-chlor product called “No more bugs”. Contact Concept Pools for more details.

Q: Why are we getting earaches after swimming?

A: It is almost certainly Tropic Ear, a fungus growth caused by dampness in the air. Not normally anything to do with the water balance.  Solution: Always dry the inside of ears after swimming.  Doctors can fix the earache very quickly.

Q: Why are we getting sore eyes when swimming?

A: Normally the PH level is either too high or too low; very rarely the chlorine is too high. If you have been swimming under the water with your eyes open for long periods this can cause sore eyes as the water is not a natural substance on the eyes.

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