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A swimming pool is a great asset to a home especially in our tropical climate. Not only does it provide a great form of exercise, it’s relaxing to look at!

Concept Pools offers the complete range of pool finishes, Quartzon, Pebblecrete, Jewels for pools and fully tiled pools. You can relax and entertain near the edge of the pool or just simply go into the water and cool off. It’s the Aussie way of life – the kids can play ‘Marco Polo’ for hours, while parents can enjoy the ambiance of the occasion.

If you are considering adding a pool, this can be a great way to increase your property value if your pool is finished well and presents well. Concrete sprayed pools are a good choice as they come in almost any configuration, shape, or depth. They are safe, durable, and are easy to maintain. If you are looking for something that adds a little more luxury, consider going with fully tiled pools which will allow you to choose from a variety of colours, textures, and pool finishes.

Adding Quartzon pebblecrete can really add to your pool’s interior finish. This allows you blend brightly coloured stones to the pool’s finish, which will make it glitter in the sun. Jewels for pools is another kind of interior finish that will give a similar effect. All interior finishes can be added to a pool to really make it luxurious, and there are countless choices for pool interiors.Additionally, you can put a hard non-slip surface around your pool. This safety feature is an easy protection for any slipping accidents. Designers will either do a rough concrete pool area, tiles or a wooden patio.

It is a law to include fencing around the pool area for safety purposes. This will keep young children from wandering too close to the pool and getting hurt, and it will also keep animals out of your pool. Fencing can be blended with your landscape so that it looks attractive and fits with your pool area. Your pool consultant will advise you of the laws relating to fencing.If you are considering adding value to your home, you should most definitely consider adding a pool. You can either choose from concrete sprayed pools or fully tiled pools which can have a more luxurious look. In many cases home buyers will expect a house to have a pool.

Pools provide people with a great form of exercise, relaxation, and enjoyment. Great for families, parties and every occasion.

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