3 Reasons to Choose Concrete Swimming Pools for Noosa Homes

If you’re looking to have a concrete swimming pool for a Noosa home installed, you’ve made a great decision for yourself and your family! A swimming pool can keep you cool during the long Australian summers and offers great opportunities for entertaining throughout the season. While you have a few choices as to the material used to build your pool, consider why concrete may be the best option versus vinyl and fibreglass. If you are looking for an existing pool inspection Sunshine Coast, contact Wayne for a thorough report.

1. Concrete can be formed.

When you choose a fibreglass pool, it only comes in the shapes available at the retailer. Fibreglass pools are moulded in a factory or shop and then delivered to your home; a manufacturer typically has only a limited number of moulds available to shape pools. If you have a smaller backyard, need your pool to fit around landscaping or walkways, or want to simply choose a certain size or shape, you may not be able to fit a fibreglass pool or find one that you like. Concrete on the other hand can be formed to fit any shape or size of yard and into any preference of yours.

pool-balls2. Concrete is more durable than vinyl.

Vinyl can also be formed and fitted like concrete, but is nowhere near as durable. While the type of vinyl used for pools is very strong, it always runs the risk of tearing and cracking. It’s also not always recommended for certain types of soil; wet soil can put too much pressure on vinyl so that it more readily collapses or causes cracks and holes to form. Cracks and holes in the vinyl compromise the entire integrity of the pool as they may then grow and eventually the entire pool needs replacing. These small leaks can also cause the pool to need refilling more often, which in turn means you’re paying more for water every month!

3. Concrete can be finished according to your preference.

Vinyl and fibreglass pools are typically available in a limited number of colours, such as blue or white. Concrete however can be finished in a variety of styles and with any number of paint colours. If you want to create a real backyard oasis and match your pool to the rest of your home’s décor and overall look, a concrete swimming pool for a Noosa home is the best choice.


Consider all these reasons why concrete is the best option when you’re ready to install a pool in your Noosa home.