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When you decide that it’s time to buy a home, you essentially have a couple of different options. You can choose to go with an existing property which may or may not have everything that you want, or you can get into a new neighborhood where your home will be built to suit your specific needs, including the pool you want. Being part of a new community that is being built up can be exciting, and it gives you the opportunity to get in early and watch as your initial investment quickly starts to pay off. That is the opportunity that many people in the Sunshine Coast are taking advantage of with the development of the new Aura, City of Colour, development.

Concrete Pools Pelican WatersAura is a suburb that is going to be built on a grand scale, and the people of Caloundra can choose from Bells Reach, Pelican Waters and a host of other communities, each of which has something truly special to offer. Many of the new suburbs are still very much in the development stage, which is why now is the time for potential homeowners to get in and get the lay of the land. Doing so will allow them to choose the location that speaks to them, and where they can bring to life their vision of a dream home.

The plans are already set for how the whole Aura community is going to be laid out once all the work is done, and that means that buyers have the idea opportunity to choose a spot that suits their specific lifestyle. Maybe the goal is to have a home that sits close to a park or a beautiful beach, or maybe a young couple planning on starting a family may prefer a space that is within walking distance to the playgrounds and schools that are soon to come.

Having a new home built means having to wait, which is fine for a lot of people, but for those looking to move in right away, there are still plenty of options in Aura. Since this is a new community, the homes available have an extremely modern design and are filled with upgrades and features that add a real touch of luxury. When you buy a brand new home, you know that you aren’t going to need to do anything but move your stuff in, as all the hard work has already been done.

There are certainly plenty of options for future residents at the City of Colour, but there is certainly still some room to make the homes there even more personalized. One of the best ways to do that is to consider pool construction as part of your future plans. If you are going to have a modern, relaxing place to live, why not up the ante a little by creating a backyard space that can be a place to chill, a spot to party, or perhaps a little of both. That is exactly what you get when you add a custom-built pool into the building plans.