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The area that sits opposite Aussie World in the Sunshine Coast is one that has long been begging for development. There have been a number of attempts to get a new development up and running, but politics and public opinion have seen all of those efforts stalled. That has now been reversed, as the Sunshine Coast Council has finally given approval for development of the Palmview Structure Area, which will eventually lead to 16,000 new residents making their home in that area. It’s a move that should even appease ratepayers, as they will not be on the hook to get the development up and running.

QuartzonMayor Mark Jamieson made it clear that the Infrastructure Agreement was reached due to the fact that Palmview landowners would be the ones who were financially responsible for adding the infrastructure that would be necessary to get the development off the ground. It’s still a solid investment for them, as the belief among financial types is that those investments will be made back over the course of the next 3 years. The new project will get under way with a proposed $8 million extension to Claymore Road, with the Council footing that bill. It should be noted that the State Government still has to sign off on the deal before it is full steam ahead.

The amendments should be put on display next May, but they are not expected to be anything on the scale of what was seen from the Sekisui at the Yaroomba project. There is a great deal of excitement in a number of different circles now that the deal has been signed. Among those praising the agreement was the Sippy Downs and District Community Association. That particular group has been active in trying to help finalise a deal, and have basically been involved in one way or another since the idea was first brought to the table back in 2009. There was a feeling that the group was in fact against any development at all in Palmview, but vice president Sheree Lyons has made it clear that they wanted to ensure the infrastructure was in place before beginning a project of this scale. The fact that those issues have been taken care of means that everyone is now happy.

Bribie Island PoolAnother group that is sure to be happy are the businesses that serve Palmview, Glenview, Tanawha, and the surrounding area. The addition of 16,000 new resident means more jobs and more money potentially coming into the area. There are 3 schools planned for the new development, but you can be sure that plenty of business opportunities will also be part of the equation. The proximity to Aussie World will make the Palmview area ripe for those looking to perhaps invest in a holiday home, which would likely also means that pool builders will be busy once it all starts. New developments often lack a personal touch, which is why landscapers and pool builders will be called upon to add it when the new residents start moving in.