Pool Landscaping on the Sunshine Coast

Pool Builders in Birtinya, Wurtulla and Shelly Beach

Swimming pool builders in the suburbs along the Sunshine Coast will build you an exclusive and highly rated pool if you live in Birtinya, Wurtulla or Shelly Beach.  Our swimming pools stand the test of time, and we feature master builders and craftsmen who have worked with pools for many years.

Beach PoolConcept Pools was established in 1990 with over 25 years’ experience in building Swimming Pools for Sunshine Coast Queensland Families. “Thank you so much for building an absolutely brilliant pool” is just one of our testimonials. We guarantee quality and test every component that goes into our pools. Our company is honest and ethical, and we offer up-front pricing. You won’t have to worry that at the end of the pool installation you will have additional costs.

Swimming pool builders will come to your home in Birtinya and provide you with a unique pool. We only use Australian made products. Our pools are made from concrete that provides design flexibility. You can choose the size, shape or depth of your pool without fear of being turned down due to construction constrictions. Concrete swimming pools can be built in-ground in Wurtulla or out-of-the ground at Shelly Beach.

A concrete pool is customised to your requirements. If you want steps, ledges, sandy beaches, a bay or island in your pool, let us know and we will add these water features at a reasonable cost.

Maroochydore PoolOur pools include waterline tiles set directly under the coping. This gives your pool an awesome appearance and adds to the colour of the reflection on the water. Water line tiles are easy to clean, and you don’t have the bath ring effect you see on many home and commercial pools.

Swimming pools usually take up to six months to construct. This includes consultation, design and the finishing processes. Times will vary depending on the weather in Birtinya, Wurtulla or Shelly Beach. Our swimming pool builders are highly experienced and have been known to work in all types of weather. They will also help you with the landscaping around your pool. The finishes you select will determine the ambiance of your pool. Rest assured that your pool will be gorgeous.

Our company offers a full warranty. We pride ourselves in building it right the first time. We are long-standing members of the Sunshine Coast community. Our structural work carries a full warranty and a full statuary warranty on the pool plumbing. On-site warranties are available on pumps and filtration systems in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty.

Once we have helped you design your pool, we will prepare the paperwork and submit a building approval application. We will keep you informed of the progress of your applications and the start date for your pool construction.