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When you live in an area that gets weather as beautiful as the Sunshine Coast, you want to be able to enjoy it as much as possible. A trip to the beach is always a great idea, but you can end up in a situation where you end up fighting for a little patch of sand with countless tourists. Anyone looking to have a little bit of fun under the sun can do so in their own back yard with an above ground pool. It’s a whole lot more affordable and easier to maintain than an in-ground pool, and you can still relax in a comfortable spot without having to worry about tourists invading your space.

As great as above ground pools are, it’s still nice to get out and see something a little different, and the good news is that the Sunshine Coast has some beach spots that are little hidden gems. It’s possible to relax by the water, whilst only sharing beach space with a few other lucky souls who just happen to know where these secluded spots are. With that in mind, let’s take a look at a few of the best beaches along the Sunshine Coast that sit just a little off the beaten path.

pools-by-beachIt can be tough to take your dog to the beach, as there are often leash laws that need to be adhered to. That is not the case with Ballinger Beach, where you 4-legged friends can run along the sand and cool off in the water. This is also a great place to go for a picnic, and if you go there on the weekend, you might just catch some surf competitions taking place out on the water.

Mudjimba Beach is a cozy little spot that is just around the corner from some of the most popular resorts along the Sunshine Coast. The town itself is really quiet, but it is starting to cater to the now frequent visitors, many of whom are locals, by offering up some great places to eat, shop, and drink. If you are looking for life at a much slower pace, this is definitely a spot worth visiting.

Another great spot to go hang out in can be found in Noosa at Peregian Beach. Like Mudjimba, this little spot has a number of great place to shop and eat, and the beach is one of the longer ones in this list, and it also has the benefit of being patrolled by lifeguards around the clock. This is a wonderful little spot for families.

Wurtulla, Warana, Bokarina, and Kawana all have beaches that are tucked away in cute residential areas. If you go looking for sign posts pointing the way, you will be seriously out of luck, but people who live in the area will gladly point you in the right direction.

We know it can be hard to pull yourself away from the quiet and comfort of your above ground pools, but when you feel the urge, the aforementioned beaches are a lot like a home away from home.