Pool Design Sunshine Coast

Are you guilty of daydreaming about having a pool in your house or wanting to change the pool design if you already have one? Have you been continuously looking at images on Pinterest obsessing about different designs that you wish you had… be it infinity or a lap pool? Well, we are here to help you with a gallery of cool pool designs Sunshine Coast and also help you build it if you live near the Sunshine Coast. Here are some very cool designs that you would like to have in your pool.

First, of, we will look at some cool landscaping designs for your in-ground pool:

Natural rocks:

Timber decking and stone paving might be in trend, but nothing beats a natural rock look for a concrete pool design Sunshine coast. Tropical and natural looking Oasis can be a much better option for people who are nature lovers looking for pool landscaping.

Pool Design Sunshine CoastPosh Paving:

For better class, one can have posh paving for his or her poolside. These pool finishes look minimalist and exquisite. Individuals who are into high-class material should go for this poolside design.

Spa Island:

You can also incorporate a whole spa for your poolside right next to your own pool. Concept pools for pool design Sunshine coast. This resort like feature lets you feel the pool even in cold months.

Now alas, here we go with the pool designs themselves:

Infinity Pools:

Ever imagined about having an infinity pool or have you ever been to one in a luxury resort. These pools are the stuff of beauty and a mainstay of luxurious resorts and houses. They are even low-maintenance, as the waste in pool spills over to the next side because of the water spilling feature of over the edge pool spilling. See our pool testimonials.

Lap Pools:

Thinking about some exercise or do you just enjoy making laps, well then the lap pools are the stuff for you. They can be long, require a lot of maintenance and also require a long space. But lap aficionados will still build themselves one.

Plunge Pool:

If space and money are tight, then you can plunge in this one (pun intended). This is easily the smallest of pools and you can have a dip in one on a nice sunny day.

Now for some Pool surround ideas:

Daybeds and sun loungers:

Every pool has to have an area for sunbathing and lounging somewhere. Well, we shall advise you to put some lounge tables, daybeds and sun lounging sitting area for your poolside.

A Pool pavilion:

It is a fancy way of saying a pool room, which many pool sides should have and in case you do not, why not have one. It is usually detached from the house itself and you can go for a mini version or a Hamptons-Style pool room.

Multiple Zones:

This is the last advice from concept pool design Sunshine Coast. These zones can be created by intelligent landscaping and creating good design elements. This means that the pool is servicing many zones of your house for use and views.

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