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Residents of the Sunshine Coast region of Australia are very proud of the beauty of where they live, and for very good reason. They will often carry that level of pride into their own backyard, hiring an in-ground pool builder and spa company to create an oasis that is as warm and welcoming as the cities in which they reside. These Chevallum, Palmwoods, and Woombye people invest a lot of time and money into making sure that their pool looks beautiful, and they will be happy to learn that the Sunshine Coast environment will be getting the same level of attention.

A big part of keeping an area looking its very best is making it green and sustainable, and the Sunshine Coast council are doing just that, to the tune of $28 million from the 2016/17 budget. That is on top of the $31 million going towards the Sunshine Coast Solar Farm. The majority of the money will go to conservation of bushland, while the rest will be split between the beaches and waterways that make up areas such as Chevallum, Palmwoods, and Woombye. This will result in the Environment Levy being increased from $10 to $70, which will actually be the first such hike since the introduction of the levy 8 years ago.

Pools WoombyeA total of $9.3 million will be invested through the levy program, with that money being spent on purchasing and protecting more land that can be added to the 2700 hectares that the council already owns and operates. This is all part of a plan to have the Sunshine Coast offset all of its electricity consumption through clean energy, which is why so much money is being devoted to the aforementioned sola farm. Construction is already underway on council land, and is expected to be completed next year.

Once completed, the solar farm will power all council owned and operated buildings, and will make them the first local council in Australia to be 100% powered by renewable energy. When you consider that other councils across the country are looking at 2025 before they can make the same claim, you begin to understand just how ahead of the game the Sunshine Coast is in this regard. All told, it is believed that the solar farm will deliver about $22 million in savings over the next 30 years. That is a substantial saving that will create money that can be put back into maintaining the beauty and sustainability of the region.

This news has to be very inspiring for residents of the Sunshine Coast, many of whom will now be looking to do their part in their own backyard. When you create a spa like setting with a beautiful pool and garden out back, you essentially feel as though you have gone off the grid. The Sunshine Coast council are doing their part to keep your region looking it’s very best, so why not add to that beauty by making the most of the space in your own backyard.