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Swimming Pool Builders Palmwoods Aura Sunshine Coast

A decade ago having an in-ground swimming pool in your own house was considered a luxury. It was a sign that was solely associated with higher class individuals and it was seen as something that a middle-class family couldn’t afford. However, the times have certainly changed, as these days in Australia swimming pools are quite common in homes and why shouldn’t they be? If you’re located in Palmwoods or Aura Sunshine Coast then we have news for you! Concept pools is one of the finest concrete swimming pool builders who have established a trust-able reputation. We have been serving the localities of Palmwoods and Aura Sunshine Coast since the 1990’s. Hence with a long-lasting experience as exceptional swimming pool builders we certainly can deliver the swimming pool of your dreams!

Customised Swimming Pools:

We know that depending on your requirements, swimming pools need to be customised so that the best swimming or relaxing experience can be obtained. Well, you’re in luck because our team of enthusiastic swimming pool builders have hands-on experience in building the finest of customised swimming pools as shown in our gallery. Our team firstly visits your location, probes into your requirements and then advises. Our combination of advanced swimming pool building techniques as well as quality of work is a testimony of how creative we can be.

Founders of Concept Pools:

Graham Cartledge and Chris Hoole are the inspirations behind concept pools. What all started out in 1990’s has now been molded into reliable swimming pool builders. The difference however, still lies in the fact that we like to approach swimming pool building in a creative way rather than following standardised versions of constructing swimming pools. The company name, Concept Pools was coined by the founders of the company which perfectly explains our philosophy behind customised swimming pools.

Pool Services:

Concept pools specialised in various customised swimming pool construction. Our team expertly integrates landscapes into luxurious swimming pools and it’s not only about the swimming pool itself. We rather like to approach swimming pools as a unit that can single-handedly change the look of your house and add a layer of luxury so that you can feel relaxed at all times. Like we mentioned before, it all starts with site survey where we probe into possibilities of how we can integrate your landscape into a swimming pool. After gaining all the required information a mock-up design of the swimming pool is put into practice and from there, we move towards pricing. Our pricing is affordable in terms of the final product that is product which is excellent.

Concept Pools looks to make a difference in the areas of Palmwoods & Aura Sunshine Coast as we’re offering fully customised concrete pools, spas and even fountains. There are many other construction projects that we can work on as well. In order to get more information, please contact us.