Pool builder Beerwah Maleny Montville QLD 4560

While people in other parts of the world are gearing up for the cold winter months ahead, people in the Sunshine Coast are getting ready for summer. That means preparing the pool for the hours and hours of fun to come, and its safety that is paramount in the minds of many pool owners. This is especially true for those that have little ones in the home, as they are less likely to pay attention to safety when their sole focus is getting into that pool and having some fun.

beerwah-poolIn Australia, making sure that your pool and spa meets safety standards is not just recommended, it is the law. Pool builders in the QLD 4560 area, which encompasses Beerwah, Maleny, Montville, and more, do a great job of making sure that all of those requirements are met when they design and build their pools, but that is only the beginning of the safety measures. Like anything, gates and barriers can become worn over time, which is why it is important for pool owners to make sure that their safety measures are still up to standards before they open their pools for business.

Some of the signs of damage will be clearly visible, but there are others that might not be so obvious. The elements can take a toll on your gates and fences, and may well leave them not working in the way that they were designed to. Screws and bolts can loosen or fall out entirely, which is not something that you would ever see with the naked eye. This is why it is so important to bring in a professional pool builder to perform an inspection that will ensure that your pool safety features are working properly, and are up to code.

While some of the issues may be a little subtle, there are plenty more problems that should be immediately obvious. If you gate is no longer self-closing and locking, it will not be up the safety standards set forth by the Australian government. Propping your gate open to make access in and out of the pool area quicker and easier may seem like a good idea, but it too is against the rules. You also need to be careful that kids cannot gain access to the pool area when the gate is closed, which means making sure there are no items in the area that they can use to climb the fence, and that the clearance space under the fence is not so wide that they can get under.

A pool is a fantastic addition to any home, especially in the QLD 4560 area where the weather is so nice, but it is also something that requires your vigilance and attention. It only take a moment for a child to gain access to the pool area and risk drowning, which is why the services of a pool builder are still required even after the installation has been completed.