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Pool Builder Sunshine Coast

Thanks to new advances in swimming pool builders and design, residents can enjoy choosing from a wide variety of shapes and sizes to fit their needs. Concept Pools have focused their Sunshine Coast pool builder business on designing dream concrete pools for those who need a specific orientation or plain comfort in terms of the design.

Over the past several years, Comfort Pools has focused on creating custom designs for their Sunshine Coast clients. The designs are based on solid concepts that make the most out of every pool that is created. This is because there are positives and negatives associated with every pool build depending on its size, depth, shape, and location.

Pool Sizes & Shapes

Pool Builder Sunshine CoastLarge pools maximize your ability to use them to their fullest extent. This means having multiple people in the in-ground pool for social events or a relaxing weekend with the family. However, they can be expensive to maintain given the size and amount of water requires.

Small pools are easier to maintain compared to larger designs and perfect for those with limited space. This type of pool is best suited for areas that are compact and require an unusual shape. But they are also quite limiting and may not be right for those who want to entertain with families and friends.

The most familiar shape for pools is rectangular. These traditional pools are the most popular for those who want to exercise and lead a healthy lifestyle. Other shapes are more suited for entertaining and other activities. In addition, if you have an unusually shaped area for the pool, then the design can be made to fit that shape.

How to Choose a Pool Design

At Concept Pools, the first step is finding out what you want, so that you can have the right pool for your needs. This means an evaluation of the space you have available for the pool and then making the most out of it.

  • Purpose:
    Before any design work begins, it must be determined the purpose you have for your new pool. Exercise and plenty of water activities generally means a traditional rectangular shape for example. Once the purpose can be determined, the rest will fall into place.
  • Special Pool Requirements:
    Perhaps your pool needs to be heated, add more chlorine to keep it free of unwanted algae and bacteria, or maybe you want a salt-water pool. The more information you can provide about the requirements, the better able Concept Pools will have in designing for your needs.
    Additional Touches:
    Once the final design is made, additional features such as proper pool landscaping, lighting, and poolside furniture will be incorporated if needed. Such features will help personalize the pool for its purpose. For example, entertaining guests will probably require poolside furniture, tables, and other furnishings to help make the experience even more pleasant.

Finding the best swimming pool design to fit your needs on the Sunshine Coast means calling the professionals at Concept Pools. They have the knowledge, experience, and innovative approach that will bring your ideas about the perfect custom pool to life.